Centerpieces Made Easy - Online
Available March 26, 2020

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What You Will Learn


Estimating Expenses

Part of the challenge of pricing is knowing what is needed to complete the design and how much it will cost.


In this lesson, discover a step-by-step process to estimating expenses. 


The Mark-up​: Setting Prices

If you set prices too low, you may not generate enough profit to cover unexpected expenses. Price too high and clients will go to your competitors to get a better deal.


In this lesson, you will learn how to find the balance and set prices properly.


The Floral Guru Sales Process

Do you feel overwhelmed by constant requests for design boards and detailed proposals - only to never hear back from the potential client? 


In this lesson, you'll learn my secrets for selling - including how to stop creating custom proposals up front.


Sherleen B.  

Open, Honest & Helpful 

I enjoyed learning so many things from the hands-on experience, to new techniques, resources and literature it has inspired and motivated me. More than anything, you have such a content and calm spirit that really made me feel at peace with my decision to attend your workshop. Thank you for being open, honest and helpful in answering my questions!

-Ceiling Installation Workshop

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