Great Coaching Changes Everything.

Starting & growing a company can be overwhelming - you may feel like its too competitive or it's difficult to attract the right clients but that's just not true. 

There are proven strategies and processes that you can use to build your company the right way. 

These are things I've learned from Business School and most importantly, my experience in building The Floral Guru.

This 1-hour coaching session is your time to ask me any question - whether you are having trouble building a team, attracting clients or pricing for profit, I can help!

My sessions are most effective for people who:

  • Are feeling "stuck" but don't know why 

  • Want to attract high-end clients

  • Want to stand in a crowded market  

  • Want to learn the secrets of marketing & social media

Investment: $159

What People Say


I would recommend Halima to anyone who needs business coaching. Even if your business is not event design, she has a lot of knowledge to pass down on foundational business management principles that would be useful for any business. 

Halima taught me how to find the right target market and positioning for my event management business and I am thankful I signed up for a coaching session with her.



I can not begin to truly express how incredibly grateful I am! 


My one hour session allowed me to organize three years worth of  ideas, and remove crippling emotions that have no place in making business decisions.


I now have more confidence. All of my creative ideas and ambition are now propelling forward momentum instead of aggressively running in a circle.

Invest! You will not regret it


Booked the 1 hour one on one coaching with Halima and it was 100% worth it!


I’m starting my own event decor business and she was so helpful.


She is SO intelligent and creative- she gave amazing guidance and direction on when are where to start.


Would definitely recommend to anyone who is first starting out! 


Thank you  Halima for an amazing session! I will definitely be booking you again !


You gave  out a lot of tips and tricks for a beginner such as myself! From branding to identifying what niche I would be best suited .  


I just wanted to thank you Halima for your time today. You are such an amazing coach, you went above and beyond my expectations.


I am blown away  with the information I got and really help me get that clarity for my business.  I'm just grateful and can't wait for another session! 


You really helped me get unstuck.


After years in the industry, I was not attracting the right clients and I did not know what I was doing wrong. The coaching session helped me see my mistakes and I left with practical action steps.

I can't thank you enough!


Reasons why you should learn from the Floral Guru:

1. She shares her vendors (she's not selfish)

2. She is a fabulous teacher

3. You will learn something no matter how much experience you have


Halima one on one coaching with me was absolutely amazing.


I learned  so much from her and loved the fact she wasn’t afraid to share her knowledge with me.


It's definitely worth the money. Thank you again and will definitely be talking more classes in the nearest future 


After meeting with you, I got more confidence.


You answer all my questions and clear my doubts - especially on pricing.

I can't thank you enough!

Late Policy​

To be respectfully of everyone's time, coaching sessions are expected to begin promptly at the scheduled time. You have a 10 min grace period to join the Zoom meeting. After 10 minutes, your session will be rescheduled to the next available time at no cost.


If you are more than 10 minutes late or miss the 2nd session, you will forfeit your payment completely and will need to schedule a new session at full cost.