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On Demand Classes

Floral Design Tutorials & Counts

Easy step-by-step tutorials and floral counts to help you create a beautiful designs that your clients will love. 

  • Floral Sofa

  • Centerpieces Made Easy

  • Floral Counts - Centerpieces and Structures

Coming Soon!

Ceiling Installations Made Easy

The only program you’ll ever need to learn how to design ceiling installations. Attract more high-end clients with a proven step-by-step process that GUARANTEES you’ll create beautiful installations.

  • Create installations with ease​

  • Learn how to price your work for profit

  • Understand how to transport large structures

  • Master how to estimate floral counts

  • Get List of Where to buy silk flowers

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Coming Soon!

Money Makeover for Florist

The ultimate guide to streamlining your business so that you keep more of the money you make

  • Never guess how much to charge for your work again

  • Understand what to invest in and when 

  • Get the secrets for creating cost effective designs

  • Understand how to track key financial metrics

  • Learn to lead a highly effective team

Other Ways to Learn With Halima

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Free Guides

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