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Want to Learn How I Went From $4K Floral Budgets to $100K?

The answer is simple FLORAL INSTALLATIONS!

Stop Struggling to Attract High-End Clients • Learn Proven Strategies • Grow Your Revenue

Are you a talented wedding florist who feels stuck?


Do you want to grow your business, attract clients with bigger budgets, and ultimately make more money?


f you're ready to break free from the limitations holding you back, then it's time to embark on a transformative journey with us.




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Can I be real with you?

In today's competitive market, offering the "standard" floral services is not enough to attract high-end clients.

If you really want your floral business to take off, you have to offer unique services.

I've taught hundreds of designers how to create installations and grow their business - I want to do the same for you.


In this program, I take the guesswork out of designing ceiling installations so you can start attracting your dream clients.


- Halima


Inside Look
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In Week 1, we lay the groundwork for your journey into the world of large-scale floral design. Discover the fundamental principles that underpin awe-inspiring installations. From understanding scale and proportion to selecting the perfect blooms, this week sets the stage for your transformation. Unleash your creativity and learn how to bring your visions to life on a grand scale.

In this module, I’m going to show you everything you need to estimate counts for installations. You’ll also get a

bonus download with 101 Supplies for Installations so it's easy to find items for your next project.

Module 2: Supplies Made Simple

Week 1: Foundations of
Large-Scale Floral Design

Module 3: Design Blueprint

Good news! You’re ready to design and in this module I’m going to walk you through the design process for 4 installations including: what supplies we used, how long it took, as well as how many designers we needed.

In this module, you’ll also get the inside scoop on how we price installations. The result? You’ll know how to price your work to move the needle forward in your business.

Module 4: Price Point Perfection

When you add it all up that’s a grand total of $3,997
But, when you enroll today you can access Ceiling Installations Made Easy for just…

3 Monthly Payments of


A One-time Payment of


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What Others Are Saying...


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I loved the advice and candid honesty.


Most courses give very vague advice that only  leads to me having more questions.


Halima was very direct and I believe that implementing her directives will change the trajectory of my business.


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I learned more in this class about how to actually put something together than I have in other 2-3 workshops!

I love that Halima cuts out all of the fluff and gave me the most important information needed to grow my business.


stars .png

There are so many courses out there but I love learning with Halima because of her willingness to share her vendors and pricing.


She truly wants everyone's business to succeed which is rare.

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