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Transform Your Business With 
Revenue-boosting Floral Installations

Learn to create and sell installations with ease during this 5-week accelerator program

July 17 -21, 2023

Stream the full 1-week workshop

Get Live Virtual Coaching

Know You're Doing it Right

Set yourself apart from the competition by embracing the extraordinary: become an expert in awe-inspiring
large-scale floral installations.

It's a fact -- florists that master installations and how to sell them thrive in the marketplace. With the Floral Installations Made Easy, you'll get both done in a week AND get real time coaching to make sure that you’re getting it right.

  • Get coaching and feedback on your design mechanics 

  • Get access to live sessions with Halima - Founder of The Floral Guru

  • Do all this from the comfort of your office or living room!

  • Create the only 7 messages you need to grow revenue for your business

  • Clarify your marketing in just 1 week and know you’re doing it right

  • Create a 5-part execution that will boost revenue now

Take a Peek at the Curriculum That will

 Help You DOUBLE or TRIPLE Your Revenue


Session 1

Foundations of Large-Scale Design

Lay the groundwork for stunning large-scale floral creations as you learn the fundamental principles, techniques, and key elements of successful design.

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Session 2

 Backdrops and Custom Structures

Dive into the world of custom floral structures, including enchanting flower walls and breathtaking backdrops, and discover how to create show-stopping installations that captivate and impress.

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Facetune_09-03-2020-08-02-45 2.JPG

Session 3

Ceiling Installations for Beginners

Unlock the secrets of mesmerizing ceiling installations, even if you're new to the craft. Learn step-by-step techniques to elevate your designs and transform any space into a floral wonderland.

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Session 4

Advanced Installation Techniques

Take your ceiling installations to the next level with advanced mechanics and techniques. Master the art of suspending floral arrangements, creating dynamic designs that leave a lasting impact.

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Session 5

Designing for Commercial Spaces

Explore the world of commercial floral design and discover how to craft unique and captivating installations for hotels, restaurants, and event venues. Learn the art of creating designs that evoke emotions and enhance the atmosphere of any commercial space.

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Gain exclusive access to a comprehensive tutorial library filled with step-by-step video guides and resources. Enhance your learning experience with additional demonstrations, tips, and tricks that complement the course curriculum. 

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Hi I'm Halima: Founder and Creative Director of The Floral Guru.

With almost a decade of experience in the floral design industry, I've developed a reputation for creating one-of-a-kind events that embody the perfect balance of extravagance and elegance.


I understand that you want to create an event that is unlike any other. That's why I take the time to get to know you and your unique vision, working closely with you to create custom floral designs that exceed your expectations.


From intimate gatherings to grand affairs, our team will work tirelessly to ensure that your event is a true reflection of your vision.

meet your

Luxury Floral Designer

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