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Marketing Made Simple

Take The Guesswork Out of Your Marketing.

Do you know much is bad marketing costing you?


$10,000...$20,000....or more?


How many potential clients can't hear you in the sea of noise? 


A lack of good marketing may already be costing you a great deal.

Imagine how great it would feel to launch your next marketing project - feeling confident that it's going to work.

  • Create a brand that stands out in a competitive market

  • Attract the right clients that will pay what you're worth

  • Reduce the frustration and stress of trying to figure out social media

  • Have the confidence to sell without feeling "salesly" 

Meet Halima

Hey There!

From the moment I started The Floral Guru, I imagined what it would be like to design "pinterest-worthy"events.

But there was a was really TOUGH to attract the right clients. 


Then...I changed my marketing strategy and everything changed.

I want your business grow like mine did.


With a Masters in Marketing & Entrepreneurship, I have taught hundreds of small business owners simple marketing secrets to get their business growing. I can teach you too.

You Can Stand Out In a Competitive Market!

Step 1

Buy The Workshop

Learn easy-to-remember, practical tips through the in-person workshop.

Step 2

Learn The Secrets

Discover simple marketing secrets you can use immediately 

Step 3

Get Your Business Growing

Eliminate frustration and love seeing your business grow 

Standing Out In a Competitive Market is Tough

When you're not attracting the right clients, it's easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed. You start to wonder what you're doing wrong as a business owner.


Can I ease your mind a bit? The truth is, it really is frustrating and overwhelming trying attract the right clients in a competitive market. Also, it's totally normal to be confused about what marketing strategies will work best. You are not alone. 

You just need the right tools so you can be confident as a Marketer.

I have the tools you need. With a Masters in Marketing & Entrepreneurship, I have taught all types of creatives simple marketing secrets to get their business growing.

I am a busy business owner, too. I understand that you have limited time and money and guarantee this workshop was designed with your business in mind

3 Marketing Mistakes Most Event Designers & Planners Make - FREE

We’ve identified 3 marketing mistakes most event designers make. This guide will help you:

• Grow your Instagram following

• Understand the secrets to great marketing

• Get more from your marketing

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